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Crystal vases: varieties and recommendations for choosing

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The Bohemia Crystal crystal vase can be a great addition to any interior: both classic and modern. Crystal Aleks-Crystal.com has always been valued for its beauty, since ancient times it has been a decorative element in the decorations of exceptionally wealthy and noble people. Today, crystal has become more affordable, it is quite possible to purchase it at favorable prices https://aleks-crystal.com/vases-for-flowers/. Before choosing a crystal vase, you should find out what kind it can be. It is equally important to familiarize yourself with the basic design styles of this kind of accessories, and with popular manufacturers.


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Noble and luxurious crystal is especially often used to create beautiful decorative vases that can complement any interior of a private house or apartment. Next, we will consider the main types of this kind of accessories, which, as a rule, are most popular.

  • Classic vases for flowers, fruits and even sweets. They can be made in a wide variety of shapes and variations. Most often, cut crystal is used for such vases.
  • Vases on a leg. The options from colored crystal are especially beautiful.
  • Low conical vases are called “jardinieres”. They are mainly suitable for flowers with small stems.
  • Outdoor options. These models are usually quite tall. There are very large and voluminous options. You can put flowers in such vases or use them exclusively as decoration.
  • Antique. Finding such options is not difficult, however, they can cost a decent amount. These vases are generally suitable for classic interiors such as baroque or art deco.
  • Round designer vases. They can be a great addition to a modern high-tech interior, minimalism or futurism.


To make crystal products more affordable, many manufacturers use various materials to produce their accessories. Let’s consider the most popular ones.

  • Rhinestone. This variety is considered very elegant and expensive, most often jewelry is made from it, and some miniature details are made on vases. It is quite difficult to find a rock crystal vase in its pure form. But if, nevertheless, it is made according to an individual order, then it will have a noble white or transparent shade.
  • Colored crystal. Accessories made from this material are usually classified as vintage, although quite modern models can also be found. However, one should be careful: many manufacturers pass off ordinary tinted glass as expensive colored crystal. This kind of thing should be purchased exclusively at trusted retail outlets. Cobalt options look especially expensive. Crystal itself is transparent, but if various metal impurities are added to it, it becomes colored and very saturated.
  • Czech crystal can be a great addition to any bohemian style in the interior. This material is quite dense and easy to care for.

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